School visits

Experience the Viking age together with your students

Adventure and teaching

Vikingaliv offers fun, exciting and interactive lessons for ages around 10-15. Students can experience the Viking age with several senses – see and feel items, taste Viking food, try the workmanship and end with a trip in our exciting Viking ride; Ragnfrid’s saga. The content of the lesson follow the curriculum in history for your grade.

School booking

You can make your reservation for whenever during the day, but if you would like to visit us between 9 am and 10 am you will have Vikingaliv all to yourself until we open at 10 am for all visitors.

The price is 125 SEK/person – that includes the interactive lesson. We can welcome 30 students per lesson. No matter the number of students Vikingaliv charges 2000 SEK as the lowest amount for a lesson. If you want to visit Vikingaliv without a lesson the price will be 75 SEK/person.

If you want to include lunch our snack you can prebook in our resturant
  • Snack: lemonade and a cinnamon roll, 45 SEK/person.
  • Lunch: chicken with roasted vegetables, 85 SEK/person.

Contact us to make your booking

Our archaeologists and guides

Read about our archaeologists and guides that you will meet during the tour.

Erica Karlsson


Bachelor’s degree in literature

Eric Östergren

Guide and archaeologist

Master’s degree in archaeology

Tora Larsdotter Andersson

Guide and archaeologist

Bachelor’s degree in archaeology

Sara Wissén

Guide and archaeologist

Master’s degree in osteoarchaeology

Emma van Eelen

Guide and archaeologist

Master’s degree in osteoarchaeology

Ellen Ingers

Guide and marine archaeologist

Master’s degree in marine archaeology